Extremis Coffee Table by NAOS



Closed: 44½”W × 44½”D × 18½”H

Opened: 74¾”W × 74¾”D × 18½”H


  • Designed by Andrea Casati
  • Three rotating tabletops at different levels
  • Tops available in various glass, stone, and marble finishes
  • The base comes in different metal options
  • Made in Italy


Extremis coffee table by Naos is a one-of-a-kind addition to a modern living room. The tabletops rotate away from each other to display three different sized tabletops at various levels and toward each other to hide the two lower tops. With a bold silhouette, the table has contrasting shapes and finishes that stand out against one another. Thanks to fine Italian craftsmanship and quality materials, this product will be a fixture in the home for years to come. Made in Italy and designed by the talented Andrea Casati, Extremis coffee table comes with a high degree of customization. The tops are available in various glass, stone, and marble finishes, while the base comes in different metal options.