Ava Sofa Sleeper



  • 36″ H x 82″ W x 39″ D


  • Top Grain Italian Leather
  • Color Choices: Off White and Dark Grey





Allow yourself the veritable indulgence of sitting upon a plush sofa designed by Chateau D’ax of Italy featuring a variety of inviting silhouettes constructed with meticulous precision and thoughtful reverence, along with a fresh perspective of artful sophistication to nuance your home, while adding multiple facets of immeasurable quality, inimitable style, and reflective tonality. A sofa of this caliber has the ability to completely transform its surroundings with polarizing distinction from turning a room of ordinary simplicity into a vociferous bastion of refinement to reshaping a vacillating composition of obscurity into a definitive masterpiece of exquisite minimalism. Ava Sofa Sleeper transforms into a highly comfortable queen sized bed.