Chantal Curio by Cattelan Italia



22″W x 19″D x 70″H

36½”W x 19″D x 70″H


  • Designed by Angelo Tomaiuolo
  • Available in 2 sizes Curved corners
  • Extra-clear tempered glass door
  • The top and legs are finished in wood finishes
  • Extra-clear glass internal shelves
  • Internal LED light
  • 13 lb weight capacity for every internal shelf
  • Manufactured in Italy


The Chantal curio by Cattelan Italia is a discreet furnishing item, but one with style and tremendous elegance above all in terms of its spatial presence. Perfect for displaying pieces of decor, the curio features spacious glass shelves. Though the shelves look fragile, they are strong and sturdy to hold items with ease. The contrast between the glass structure and wood frame stands out against one another to create an eye-catching juxtaposition. Designed by Angelo Tomaiuolo and manufactured in Italy, the Chantal curio is a standalone structure. It features curved corners and extra-clear tempered glass sides while its top and legs are finished in various wood finishes. Available in two sizes to accommodate individual needs and features extra clear glass internal shelves and an LED light.