Butterfly Dining Table by Cattelan Italia



Rectangular Shape

94½”W × 39½” D × 29½”H

118″W × 39½” D × 29½”H

94½”W × 47¼” D × 29½”H

118″W × 47¼” D × 29½”H


Barrel Shape

94½”W × 47¼” D × 29½”H

118″W × 47¼” D × 29½”H


  • Rectangular and barrel shapes are available for the top
  • Four sizes are available in rectangular shapes, while
  • Two sizes are available in barrel shapes
  • The top comes in various glass finishes
  • The top is laid on the base Various metal finishes are available for the base
  • Manufactured in Italy


The Butterfly dining table features a butterfly-shaped base that brings a touch of nature inside. The base appears like it belongs in a museum, adding a sculptural style to the dining room, all while offering durability and support. With a combination of angles and eye-catching curves, it provides a bold, geometric look that stands out in style. The spacious glass top fits many people with ease, and even though it looks fragile, it holds items with ease. Thanks to the contrasting finishes on the top and base, it creates a one-of-a-kind finished product. Manufactured in Italy to ensure quality, the Butterfly dining table is available in rectangular and barrel shapes in various sizes. The top comes in an array of glass finishes, while the base comes in various metal options.