Atlas Coffee Table by Cattelan Italia



Atlas Round Coffee Table:

Ø39½” × 10″H

Atlas Oval Coffee Table:

55″W × 35½”D × 10″H

Atlas Square Coffee Table:

39½”W × 39½”W × 10″H

47¼”W × 47¼”W × 10″H


  • Designed by Nencini & brothers
  • Varnished steel base finished in various options
  • Clear tempered glass top available in round, elliptical, and two square versions
  • Manufactured in Italy


The Atlas coffee table intrinsic design was inspired by the Greek Mythology Titan, who bore the spheres of heavens on his shoulders. Many similarities are innately found in the construction, design, and choice of materials for this extraordinary contemporary coffee table. The glass, just like the globe on the Atlas’ shoulders symbolizes a fragile yet very essential element that is again, rooted in the mythological origins of this table. Designed by Nencini & brothers for Cattelan Italia and manufactured in Italy, the Atlas coffee table has a varnished steel base in an array of finishes. The steel base has a curvilinear, grid-like design that somewhat resembles the grid of Earth. The immaculate base supports a clear, tempered glass top that is available in a round, elliptical, and two square versions.